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French grammar: Sequence of tenses.

Concordance des temps (version fran├žaise de cette page)
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Description: French grammar exercise generator, dealing with the sequence of tenses ("concordance des temps"): For a given tense of the expression in the principal sentence and knowing when the action in the subordinate sentence (in comparison to the one in the principal) happens, find the tense of the verb in the subordinate sentence. As the first question to do this kind of exercises, is to determine the mode of the verb in the subordinate sentence (depending on the expression in the principal), the application may also be used as an indicative/subjunctive trainer.
There are 2 ways to answer the exercise questions (that may be selected in the "Options" menu):

Please, note that this is not a conjugation application: there are just 6 different verbs used in the subordinate sentence and always with the 3rd person singular. For conjugation exercises, you may want to have a look at my Conjugation of French verbs in -er and Conjugation of French verbs in -re programs.
Help with French grammar (usage of indicative or subjunctive, as well as the sequence of tenses), and help concerning the program (in French as the application itself) is included.

Note: For some expressions with indicative in an affirmative sentence, I'm not really sure about the mode to be used in the negative sentence. Thanks, for reporting any grammar mistakes, by sending me a mail.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls. Using buttons instead of entering data from the keyboard. Arrays of records. Reading text files (classic Pascal).


French grammar: Sequence of tenses exercise