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Conjugation of French verbs in -er.

Conjugaison des verbes français en -er (version française de cette page)
Download ConjugaisonER desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download ConjugaisonER source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: The application offers a double functionality:

  1. Display of the conjugation (active, passive and pronominal voice) of a given French verb (avoir, être or verb in -er).
  2. Grammar test: Conjugation exercises, either as interactive training, or as questions/answers text files.
The program includes a list of 300 verbs being used for the exercises, but, normally, should be able to correctly conjugate any verb in -er. In order to allow the students to train themselves with exactly those points, where they have difficulties with, the application provides the possibility to largely configure, what the exercises will be about: only passive or pronominal voice, only subjunctive, only compound tenses, only the irregular verb "aller", only the exception verbs in -ger and -cer...
Help with the French conjugation in general and the conjugation of verbs in -er in particular, as well as detailed help concerning the program (in French as the application itself) is included.

Note: In the actual version 1.1, some functionalities, in particular the conjugation with the negative, interrogative and interrogative-negative forms, are not implemented.

Free Pascal features: Passing data between several forms. Text and .INI files. Complex data structures (classic Pascal).


Conjugation of French verbs in -er: Exercise selection
Conjugation of French verbs in -er: Conjugation table