Computing: Free Pascal Programming

What's new?

2024.03.20   Tutorial update   Continuation with my tutorial about the installation of Lazarus on Linux. Rewritten Installing Lazarus/Free Pascal on Arch Linux based systems with now the details for ArcoLinux, Mabox Linux, Manjaro, and Open Mandriva (system failure for this latter on).

2024.03.14   Application update   With the approach of Easter, data update available for my game applications Kidspuzzle (Easter bunny and Flying Easter eggs puzzles) and Memory (Easter bunnies and Easter eggs picture sets).

2024.03.12   New tutorial   New tutorial available: Using 32-bit and 64-bit inline assembly with Free Pascal.

2024.03.06   Programming tips   New help text available: Variable number of arguments in Free Pascal functions/procedures.

2024.02.07   Programming tips   New help text available: Free Pascal functions with multiple return-values.

2024.01.23   New application   New mathematics application available: Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a 2x2 matrix.

2024.01.20   New tutorial   New tutorial available: Using SQLite databases with Lazarus/Free Pascal. It describes how to connect to a SQLite database from a Lazarus application using TSQLite3Connection, or as an alternative, using TODBCConnection.

2024.01.14   New tutorial   New tutorial available: Special data types: Variants, variant records, and variant arrays.

2024.01.12   New program   New console program available: Compare the content of two (Windows) directories.