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Conjugation of French verbs in -re.

Conjugaison des verbes français en -re (version française de cette page)
Download ConjugaisonRE desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download ConjugaisonRE source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: The application offers a double functionality:

  1. Display of the conjugation (active, passive and pronominal voice) of a given French verb in -re.
  2. Grammar test: conjugation exercises, either as interactive training, or as questions/answers text files.
The program includes a list of 246 verbs being used for the exercises, but, normally, should be able to correctly conjugate most of the verbs in -re. In order to allow the students to train themselves with exactly those points, where they have difficulties with, the application provides the possibility to configure, what the exercises will be about: only passive or pronominal voice, only subjunctive, only compound tenses, only the semi-irregular verbs or only the irregular verbs and their compounds....
Help with the conjugation of French verbs in -re, as well as detailed help concerning the program (in French as the application itself) are included.

Note: In the actual version 1.0, some functionalities, in particular the conjugation with the negative, interrogative and interrogative-negative form, are not implemented. This is also the case for the conjugation of defective verbs (except some of them); thus, for verbs as bruire or paître, some of the verb forms displayed do not actually exist!

Free Pascal features: Passing data between several forms. Text and .INI files. Complex data structures (classic Pascal).


Conjugation of French verbs in -re: Exercise selection
Conjugation of French verbs in -re: Conjugation table