Computing: Free Pascal Programming

The Lazarus/Free Pascal Project.

A major part of my computing activity consists in developing programs, written in the Free Pascal programming language and created using the Lazarus integrated development environment. In this section of my website, I publish details concerning the Lazarus/Free Pascal project, the installation of the IDE and supplementary packages and general information about Lazarus and the FPC compiler on various platforms. You also find here a three-parts tutorial concerning the basics, how to access information, stored in a MySQL database from within Lazarus/Free Pascal applications. I'm actually working on a beginners programming tutorial concerning the development of Free Pascal applications with Lazarus. The first chapter being unofficially online for some time, I'll wait with the official publication until my work has made some significant progress. For information on how to realize a specific task, using Lazarus/Free Pascal, please visit the Free Pascal Programming Tips section.

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