Computing: Free Pascal Programming

Lazarus/Free Pascal Programming Tips.

In this section, I publish tutorials and hints concerning specific programming topics, using Lazarus/Free Pascal. I'm not a professional programmer and I am far away from having the theoretical computer science background to do things in an optimal way or how a specialist would do it. On the other side, I got lots of experience with Lazarus/Free Pascal, by writing some 180 (April 2021) desktop applications or console programs during the last years and I think, that some of them are really not bad. The tutorials are aimed to be a practical help, in particular for programming or Free Pascal beginners, tutorials, that show how I proceeded to realize a specific task, hoping that this might be useful for others, in order to understand the basics, to learn, what they have to pay attention to and how to avoid common mistakes, to see, why some code, they wrote, does not work, as they expected and how to fix these issues or finding a work-around in order to run their applications smoothly.


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