Computing: Website and Database Programming

Web and Database Development.

Section contents:

1. Web development environment setup on MS Windows.
1.1. Apache webserver.
1.2. PHP scripting language.
1.3. MySQL database server.
1.4. phpMyAdmin database administration.
1.5. Perl scripting language.
1.6. Python scripting language.
1.7. MariaDB database server.
1.8. PostgreSQL database server.
1.9. Firebird database server.
1.10. IBM DB2 database server.
1.11. Tomcat application server.
2. Web/Database environment using IIS and SQL Server.
2.1. Setting up a local website using Microsoft IIS.
2.2. Running ASP.NET, PHP and Perl scripts on Microsoft IIS.
2.3. Setting up a local database server using Microsoft SQL Server.
2.4. Accessing SQL Server from PHP, Perl and Free Pascal.
2.5. An introduction to using Visual Studio applications with SQL Server.
3. Web/Database environment on macOS.
3.1. Apache webserver basics.
3.2. Dynamic webpages with PHP and Perl.
3.3. MySQL database server setup.
4. Web/Database environment on Linux operating systems.
4.1. Setting up a local VPS using Ubuntu Server and Hestia CP.
4.2. Setting up an intranet hosting platform using BlueOnyx.
5. Creating a website on a public server.