Computing: Website and Database Programming

My web and database applications.

1. Mathematics: Equations exercise generators.
1.1. Linear equations in 1 variable.
1.2. Two-by-two linear systems.
1.3. Three-by-three linear systems.
1.4. Logarithm equations.
2. Science: Biology tools.
2.1. DNA molecular weight calculator.
3. Website: Webserver directory listing.
3.1. Directory listing on Apache webservers.
3.2. Custom directory listing using PHP.
4. Website: Website visits analysis.
4.1. Website visits analysis overview.
4.2. Simple visits count.
4.3. Seven last days visits display.
4.4. Current month visits statistics.
4.5. Total visits per month charts.
4.6. Sections visits percentages chart.
5. Website: Helpful applications and tools.
5.1. HTML (and FreePascal) color picker.
5.2. Custom Javascript slideshow.
6. Various: Online games.
6.1. Simple Nim.