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Feminine of French nouns.

Féminin des noms français (version française de cette page)
Download Substantifs2 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Substantifs2 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Language trainer (exercise generator), dealing with French grammar, more precisely with the feminine of French nouns. The program includes a list of over 750 nouns, both regular and irregular. With the masculine being displayed, the student has to find the feminine. To concentrate on the difficulties, there is an option to exclude the regular nouns (in fact, those that are not part of one of the groups with an irregular or special feminine resp. that could be thought not to be regular).
Help with the feminine of French nouns (irregular nouns list, masculine only or invariable nouns, suffix rules, discussion of the feminisation of the nouns concerning professions) and help concerning the program (in French as the application itself) is included.

Note: The feminisation of the nouns concerning professions is a rather complex subject, with lots of recommendations, that aren't mandatory or that are not respected by everyone, as well as divergences concerning the suffix to use. You may rather easily adapt the feminine, generated by the application, to your country or region or other preferences, resp. correct it, in the case, that I would have used wrong, practically not used or meanwhile changed rules, by making some modifications in the data files. Please, have a look at the application's help and the file readme.txt, included in the download archive.

Free Pascal features: Reading text files (classical Pascal). Arrays of records (classical Pascal). Using buttons to insert characters into an edit field. Usage of the LazUTF8 unit functions.


Feminine of French nouns exercise