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American/British measurement units conversion.

Download Converter2 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Converter2 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Generation of exercises concerning the conversion of lengths, surfaces, volumes, capacities and weights. The program, being intended for primary school pupils in the USA and the United Kingdom, the units used in the exercises are those, being part of the American resp. British measurement system (but, also includes "limited" questions concerning the conversion of American/British to international units). For international measurement units conversions, you should use my Converter application, instead.
The units used are those described in Encyclopædia Britannica. And, really important, to ensure that correct answers are evaluated as correct, the conversion-factors, used by Converter2 are those listed on this site (e.g. 1 mi = 1,609 km, and not 1 mi = ‪1,609344‬, as does the MS Windows Calculator application). Please, also note that weights are always for avdp and that (for programming simplicity), several units are not supported by the current version 1.0; this is the case for: furlong, fathom, acre, board foot, cord and stone.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls: menus, edit fields, memos, combo boxes, (push) buttons. Filling a combobox during runtime.


British measurement units conversion exercise generator