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International measurement units conversion.

Internationale Ma├čeinheiten Umrechnung (deutsche Version dieser Seite)
Download Converter desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Converter source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Generation of exercises concerning the conversion of lengths, surfaces, volumes, vessel contents and weights. The program is intended for primary school pupils outside the USA and the United Kingdom; thus American and British (as well as other national measurement units) are not taken into account. The application interface is in German.
The program does not include any help text, but is easy to use. Select the exercise type (the measures you want to be the test about), choose Neuer Test (new test) in the Test menu and then use the push the button Frage (question) to generate a new exercise, resp. Antwort (answer) to check your answer and update the evaluation counters. Please note, that any selections, you make, take only effect after you have started a new test.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls: menus, edit fields, memos, combo boxes, (push) buttons.


International measurement units conversion exercise generator