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Blackjack game II.

Download BlackJack2 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download BlackJack2 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Blackjack game for 2 players. The dealer plays against the 2 players, the actual player being highlighted. Player's balance is increased or decreased accordingly to the options chosen. Detailed help on the Blackjack rules, the differences as used in my application and the usage of the program is available in the Help menu. Important to notice that Blackjack is not defined as in the real casino game, but here means 2 aces. Use the Hit button to get a further card, the Stay button, if you think to be close enough to 21 to win (or to avoid busting). Use New in the Game menu to reset the balances and start a new game.

Change log:
Version 1.0 (January 2018):
    - First version of the 2-player game, based on my original BlackJack program.
Version 2.0 (March-June 2019):
    - Card dealing as in real game, the dealer taking cards only when both players have done so.

Issues: The One player game setting in the Options menu isn't yet implemented. And it's no longer possible to play as single player against the dealer, by using the same name for both players (as was in version 1.0). If you want to play a solitary game, please, continue using the old version or use my original 1-player BlackJack application.
Note for programmers: Just forget the source code of this application: It works, but it's nothing but a big mess!

Free Pascal features: Display of images loaded from file. Displaying help by filling a TMemo object with text loaded from file. Classic Pascal data structures: sets, records, arrays of records.


2-players Blackjack card game PC application