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Blackjack game I.

Download BlackJack desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download BlackJack source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Simple Blackjack game for 1 player. Deal the cards, hit, if you think not having enough to win, otherwise stay. The winner (dealer or you) will have his score incremented. Use New in the Game menu to reset the scores and start a new game.
The dealer normally holds at 17; you may change this to 18 in the Options menu. Please, note that Blackjack is not defined as in real casino game, but here means 2 aces. Also note, that at stand-off, the dealer always wins. For details on the Blackjack rules and the differences with this application, please refer to the help text, included with my BlackJack2 application.

To do: Help for Blackjack rules and application usage.

Free Pascal features: Display of images loaded from file. Classic Pascal data structures: sets, records, arrays of records.


1-player Blackjack card game PC application