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Simple Snake game.

Download snake console program (Windows 64bit) Download snake source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

This program may appear obsolete... If you find so, you might want to try Snake2 (GUI application with similar features) instead.

Description: Very simple Snake game. Usage of cursor keys to move the snake, which grows by eating meats (blue meats grow the snake by 1 element; cyan meats have no effect) and dies when hitting rocks (red). A "round" is started by pressing F10; all meats, including the cyan ones, must be eaten before you may pass to the next round (the cheat key CTRL+F12 allows you to skip eating cyan meats if all blue meats have been eaten). During snake movement, F10 pauses the game; press it again to continue the game.

Issue: There is a little inconvenient when running this program on Windows 10: Windows 10 Command Prompt is not fixed size but fully resizable as any other program window, the snake game window is only partially displayed when the program starts and the window has to be manually resized. To avoid doing this at each program execution, create a fixed size window shortcut, as described in the readme file, included in the ZIP download archive .

Free Pascal features: Usage of the Crt unit: command line windows; display at a given position within those windows; catching the keyboard key pressed. Complex Pascal data structures.


Simple text-mode Snake game for PC

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