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Peter de Jong attractors.

Download dejong console program (Windows 64bit) Download dejong source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Very simple program to draw the images resulting from the graphical representation of Peter de Jong attractors. Attractors are point series, where the coordinates of each point P(X,Y) are determined from the coordinates of the previous point in the series. In the case of the de Jong attractors, the series are defined by the following system of two equations: X[n+1] = sin(aY[n]) - cos(bX[n] and Y[n+1] = sin(cX[n]) - cos(dY[n].
All the user has to do is to enter a value for the four parameters a, b, c and d. To get a nicer picture, she can also choose the coordinates of the center of the drawing surface. Please, have a look at the ReadMe.txt file, included in the download archive, for details.

Free Pascal features: Console drawing of mathematical functions using the graph unit.

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