Computing: Free Pascal Programming

Simple command line Blackjack card game.

Download blckjack desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download blckjack source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Simple command line Blackjack card game for 1 player. Deal the cards, hit, if you think not having enough to win, otherwise stay. The winner (dealer or you) will have his score incremented. Thus, there are no bets, as in real life Blackjack. Please, also note that Blackjack is not defined as in the casino game, but here it means 2 Aces. This is the same as in my two Blackjack GUI applications. The one-player one served as a template for this command line program. Major difference, the dealer always stays at 17 and at equal Blackjack values (stand-off), nobody gets a winner point.

Free Pascal features: Usage of the Crt unit (background and text color, writing at a given position on the screen, waiting for a key being pushed on the keyboard. (Very) simple drawings using text characters. Classic Pascal data structures: sets, records, arrays of records.


1-player Blackjack card game command line program