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World countries quiz (WorldQuiz).

Description: Geography quiz, concerning the countries of the world. The user may choose between the following kinds of quiz questions:

The countries, used in the questions, may be limited to a given continent or concern the whole world. Some 30 dependent territories are included in the quiz data files; the user may choose to use them in the questions or not.
In general, the answer may be chosen from of a list. For the capital name, manual entry (requiring more Geography knowledge) is also possible. Note, that in this case, for user conveniance, the names may be entered by using a simplified spelling, such for example Bogota instaed of Bogotá.

Free Pascal features: Showing and hiding form controls as needed. Filling comboboxes and changing labels during run-time. Reading (record based) Free Pascal files (classic Pascal).


World countries quiz: Guess the capital