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Word-search puzzle.

Wörter-suchen Rätsel (deutsche Version dieser Seite)
Download WordSearch desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download WordSearch source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Puzzle game with the aim to find in a grid of letters, the 8 words given by the program. The words, taken from a list with 660 German nouns, verbs and adjectives (as the list is read from a text file, you may use your own words, if you like) are randomly placed onto the grid; they may be written horizontally, vertically or, if this option is selected, diagonally (from left to right or from right to left). It's also possible to select display of reversed words, i.e. words written from end to begin (horizontally from right to left, vertically and diagonally from bottom to top).

Change log:
Version 1.0 (April-May 2019): Original version of the puzzle.
Version 2.0 (August-September 2019): Application extension (right-left diagonal words; reversed words) and amelioration (word-crossing highlighting).

Free Pascal features: Changing brush color of shapes. Changing style of fonts. Catching mouse events: left or right mouse button push. Creation of objects during run-time.


Word-search puzzle application