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Creating MS Windows file associations (WinFileAssociation).

Description: Very simple application to create (modify existing) file associations on Microsoft Windows systems. Beside the application, associated with the given file type (file extension), i.e. the application, with which files of this type are opened, when they are double-clicked, WinFileAssociation allows to add a description and an icon for the file type (these being displayed in Filemanager for files with this extension). Caution: As this application changes the Windows registry, use it only, if you know, what you are doing! Have a look at the included ReadMeFirst file for details...

Improvements: Avoiding override of existing registry keys. Deleting old registry key, when changing a file association.

Free Pascal features: Reading from and writing to the Windows registry. Usage of TFileAssociation (class of the package FileAssociation (available at or installable via the Lazarus Online Package Manager).


Creating a new Windows file association