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"Guess the word" game III.

Download WGuess3 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download WGuess3 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: The aim of this game is to guess a word displayed as a series of asterisks, each asterisk representing 1 letter of the word (some words are compound or double words, spaces and hyphens being displayed as such). The particularity of the game is, that the words to be guessed belong to specialized subjects, as for example informatics, biology, religion or music. The subject may be chosen by the user (for a complete game or a new one for each word) or randomly determined by the application. Guesses are done by hitting a letter on the keyboard. If the word actually contains this letter, it is displayed at the corresponding positions (if you think to know what the word is, you can use the Solve button to enter it directly as a whole). For each wrong attempt, your score is decremented by 1. A penalty decrement may be applied, if you haven't found the word after a given number of wrong guesses have been made. The game may be played in 1- or 2-player mode; in this latter case, the players play in alternate turns. The game difficulty may be adjusted by selecting the maximum of wrong attempts permitted, the value of the "not found" penalty and to show or not the letters already entered (duplicate letter input being considered as a wrong attempt).
The program chooses the words from 16 files, one for each subject. These words are commonly used words in relationship with this subjects and correspond to the subject related word lists at

Free Pascal features: Catching keyboard events. Dealing with UTF-8 characters and strings. Click events on static texts and mouse-down events on shapes. Usage of timers. Reading multiple text files (classic Pascal).


Educational PC application: Specialized words Guess the word game