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"Guess the word" game (WGuess).

Description: The aim of this game is to make as less as possible attempts to guess a word displayed as a series of hyphens, each hyphen representing 1 character. Guesses are done by hitting a letter on the keyboard; if the word actually contains this letter, it is displayed at the corresponding position(s). If you think to know what the word is, you can use the "Solve" button to enter it directly as a whole.

The program chooses the words from files, depending on the selection options made. Words may be in English, French, German or Luxembourgish; you may limit them to nouns, verbs or adjectives, as well as you can choose a minimum and maximum word length. In the "Settings" menu, you can choose to display or not the letters already used (so you don't have to remember them), to display the first letter (that makes guessing somewhat easier) and how to deal with accents and umlauts (transforming the accents to all English letters is in particular conveniant, if your keyboard lacks some non-English characters). For further details, use the "Help" command in the "Help" menu.

Free Pascal features: Catching keyboard events. Dealing with UTF-8 characters and strings. Reading text files (classic Pascal).


Guess the word game application