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Driving license test preparation: Traffic signals.

Vorbereitung auf die Führerscheinprüfung: Verkehrszeichen (deutsche Version dieser Seite)
Download Verkehrszeichen desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Verkehrszeichen source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: The application generates questions, similar to those, you have to solve, when you do a driving license test: display of the image of traffic signals and several possible answers concerning the meaning of this signal and your task to pick out the correct one. The traffic signals used are the official ones of Germany (the application is in German, too), plus the possibility to use some supplementary, commonly used in other European countries. The number of answer proposals may be set to 3 or to 4; the proposal "no correct answer" may be included or not. Several evaluation methods selectable.

Free Pascal features: Loading random pictures from .jpg files. Changing the label of radio buttons during run-time. Picking the radio button selected by the user. Complex data structures (classic Pascal).


Driving license test preparation: Traffic signals

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