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States of the USA quiz (USAQuiz).

Description: Quiz, consisting in guessing the capital, inhabitant number, accession year, flag or seal for a given state of the USA. What the quiz is about, may be selected by the user. Answers are normally given by choosing an item from those listed in the combox, except for "Capitals (manual)", where the user has to find and enter the capital by herself and "State flags"/"State seals", where clicking on the "Flag"/"Seal" button opens a second window with the images of the state flags resp. seals, the correct answer, in this case, consisting in selecting the correct image (simply by clicking it...). Push "Question" to generate a question, "Answer" to check your answer. Success percentage is updated automatically. Use the "New" command in the "Quiz" menu to start a new quiz (this also re-enables the "Selection" menu).

Change log:
    - Version 1.0 (May 2020): Original program.
    - Version 2.0 (August 2020): New quiz selection (State seals) added.

Free Pascal features: Displaying pictures in a random order; selecting pictures with a mouse-click; changing the display size of pictures during runtime. Showing and hiding controls. Filling a combobox with data from an array.


USA states flag quiz