Computing: Free Pascal Programming

Temperature and heat calculations.

Download TempHeat desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download TempHeat source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Simple physics program, that may be used to do some elementary calculations concerning temperature and heat:

Calculations are based on simplified equations, with the calculated value depending on constants for a given material (coefficient of linear/volume expansion, specific heat, latent heat coefficients, thermal conductivity). These values are taken from a table (text file), containing some 50 entries (choice of materials), or may be entered manually by the user. The table also contains melting and boiling points, thus the application is able to tell you what's a material's phase (solid, liquid, gasiform) for a given temperature. All temperatures may be entered in °C, °F or K; heat quantities may be displayed in kJ or kcal.

Free Pascal features: Changing control properties (visibility, read-only) depending on situation. Filling comboboxes and changing label captions depending on situation (calculations done).


Physics heat and temperature calculations: Thermal expansion
Physics heat and temperature calculations: Phase change (melting)