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Plural of French nouns.

Pluriel des substantifs français (version française de cette page)
Download Substantifs desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Substantifs source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Language trainer (exercise generator), dealing with French grammar, more precisely with the plural of French nouns. The program includes a list of over 400 nouns, both regular and irregular. With the singular being displayed, the student has to find the plural. To concentrate on the difficulties, there is an option to exclude the regular nouns (in fact, those that are not part of one of the groups with an irregular or special plural).
Help with the plural of French nouns and help concerning the program (in French as the application itself) is included.

Possible extensions: Compound nouns.

Free Pascal features: Reading text files (classical Pascal). Arrays of records (classical Pascal). Using buttons to insert characters into an edit field. Usage of the LazUTF8 unit functions.


Plural of French nouns exercise