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Balancing chemical equations.

Download Stoichiometry desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Stoichiometry source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Chemistry trainer application: Generation of stoichiometry exercises, displaying chemical equations that the user must try to correctly balance. The chemical reactions are taken from a text file, actually containing 180 equation samples. For each of the reactants and products, the user has to enter the correct coefficient. Correct/false answers and success percentage are updated after each user answer

Programming notes: The equations contained in the sample file are not balanced. The application does this by itself. The routines used are the same as those used by my chemeq command line program. Have a look at the description of that program for information about how the balancing is implemented.

Improvements: An algorithm other than my brute force approach to balance the equations.

Free Pascal features: Usage of subscripts in Free Pascal. Recursion (classic Pascal). Complex Pascal data structures; string extraction; reading text files (classic Pascal)..


Chemistry PC application: Balancing chemical equations exercises