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Lung capacities calculation (Spirometry).

Description: Calculation of the lung volumes and capacities, based on the values as read from a spirogram. As spirometry does not allow to measure the residual volume, it can't be neither directly entered with this program. Two possibilities are offered to the user: 1. calculate it from FRC (measured by helium dilution technique or nitrogen washout method, resp. entered direcly). 2. estimate it by using the approximation: RV = 0.24 * VC (men), resp. 0.28 * VC (women). Please note that all volumes must have the same unit (normally ml); concentrations for FRC calculation are supposed to be given as percentages.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls: radio groups, radio buttons, input fields, push buttons; enabling/disabling tabstops depending on actual situation.


Lung capacities calculation application