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Solubility of salts.

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Description: Chemistry trainer (exercise generator), concerning the solubility of salts. The exercises consist of guessing if a given salt is soluble, insoluble, slightly soluble, or actually reacts with water. Salts are constructed by the application by combining one of 27 anions with one of 18 cations. Solubility of the salt is determined by following the general solubility rules - e.g. sulfates are soluble - and then considering the exceptions - e.g. lead(II) sulfate is insoluble, calcium sulfate is only slightly soluble. The rules details will be displayed as explanation of the salt's solubility, after the user has made their choice by checking one of the four radiobuttons (or three radiobuttons, if water reactif salts are selected not to be considered during the exercise).

Note for programmers: This program may be seen as a good example of how to work with complex data structures in Pascal. The solubility rules are actually stored as an array of records, one of these records' items being another array, with record elements.

Free Pascal features: Text highlighting using shapes. Applying subscripts in chemical formulas. Parsing text files (classic Pascal). Complex data structures (classic Pascal).


Free chemistry PC application: Solubility of salts exercises