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Calculation of the concentration of a solution.

Download SimpleSolutions desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download SimpleSolutions source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: "SimpleSolutions" is a chemistry application that may be used to calculate the concentration of aqueous and other solutions. The solute quantity may be given as molarity, as mole quantity, as mass or as volume (in this latter case, the solute density must also be given). The application calculates the solute and solvent molecular weight, mole quantity and mole fraction. The solution concentration is shown in g/L, as molarity and molality, and (for acids and bases) as normality. The application also calculates several percentage values for the solute.

Free Pascal features: Filling comboboxes during run-time depending on other form data. Doing calculations depending on actually selected combobox item. Complex data structures, text files (classic Pascal).


Chemistry - Calculation of solutions concentrations

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