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Creating simple fractals, using a basic L-system.

Download SimpleFractals desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download SimpleFractals source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Fractals are amazing structures for mathematicians and, drawn in a x-y-coordinates system, they are amazing pictures for everyone: The beauty of mathematics! SimpleFractals is a free PC application, that may be used to draw simple fractals, using a basic Lindenmayer-system. The program is easy to use: Create an L-system (for example by modifying one of the 40 samples included) and tell the application to draw it. The fractal definition may be saved to a file (.sfl custom file format) and thus reloaded later. If you want, you can associate the .sfl extension with the SimpleFractals application; thus, double-clicking such a file will run the application with the clicked L-system file content loaded. As said above, the download archive includes 40 L-system definitions: Koch-Snowflake, Levy-C-Curve, 32-Segment-Curve, Twin Dragon Curve, Three Dragon Curve... The items in the SimpleFractalsHelp menu open HTML files, containing help, how to use the application, as well as an introduction to fractals and L-systems.
Click the following link to view some of the pictures, created with SimpleFractals.

Free Pascal features: Using canvas to create mathematical drawings. Open and Save As dialogs. Reading and writing text files from resp. into a TMemo object.


The Three Dragon Curve fractal created with a basic L-system

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