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Local MP3 search.

Download SearchMP3 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download SearchMP3 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Application to search for .mp3 files on the local computer. Search may be done either based on file properties or on the values of the MP3 tags (which must be set in this case, of course). There are lots of search criteria for both search methods; if several are selected, the file is included in the search results, if it meets all of them (except for album and track title, where the search text/word may be in either of them).
After you have selected the search criteria and set the search and display options as wanted (cf. the help text file for details), push the Search" button: A second window, showing the search results, opens. Here you may:

To do: Searching by play length is currently not implemented. Saving the file list as HTML table or PDF document, instead of simple text file, would be nice.

Programming notes: This application uses MS Windows specific code to read file properties, thus may not be compiled on other platforms without modifications. Reading of the MP3 tags is done by using an altered version of the Free Pascal ID3v2 unit. In fact, the original unit didn't return the music genre, when I ran the application on my system. Therefor I changed the code—clearly marking all modifications that I made to the original in order to resolve this issue).

Free Pascal features: Searching the hard drive for specific files. Reading MS Windows file properties. Reading MP3 tags using the Free Pascal ID3v2 unit. Playing mp3 files, using the system default audio player.


Local MP3 serach: Serach criteria
Local MP3 search: Serach results