Computing: Free Pascal Programming

Electronic circuits: Simple color mixer circuit using an RGB LED.

Download RGBColorMixer desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download RGBColorMixer source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Simple electronics simulation of color mixing using an RGB LED. The intensity of the 3 internal LEDs is controlled by 3 potentiometers, that vary the voltage across the LEDs. It is supposed that the voltage variation is directly proportional to the LED intensity and that this LED intensity proportionally corresponds to a given RGB value. Thus if the first and the third poti are set at the maximum resistance (the second one being at 0Ω), the RGB LED will produce magenta light; if they are set at half the maximum resistance, the light produced will be purple.

Free Pascal features: Trackbars. Using a transparent image as click area. Handling onClick events. Loading pictures during runtime. Changing label captions during runtime.


Electronics application: Simple color mixer circuit using an RGB LED