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Pulley exercise generator.

Download Pulleys desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Pulleys source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Physics (dynamics) trainer (exercise generator), concerning pulleys. The users may choose between 15 pulley systems, including the Atwood machine, pulleys moving a block horizontally or on an incline, two-pulley horizontal or vertical systems. Kinetic friction is ignored in some exercises, but not in others. In some cases, the mass of the pulley has also to be considered. By allowing the users, which pulley systems the questions should be about, not only makes it possible to adapt the exercises to the users' physics knowledge, but also allows them to train themselves with those exercises, where they know to have difficulties with.

To do: In the actual version 1.0, only 14 of the 15 pulley systems are implemented...

Free Pascal features: Multiple forms applications. Passing values between forms. Number sub- and superscripts.


Dynamics exercises: Three blocks pulley system
Dynamics exercises: Inclined pulley system
Dynamics exercises: Two horizontal pulleys system