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Driving test trainer (Priorite).


Description: Application, generating right of way at road crossings exercises, intended to help those who are preparing for a driving test. Questions include examples with 2, 3 and 4 cars, stop signs or not and special rules applying to a car leaving a parking.

Usage of the program just requires some mouse clicks: Push the "Question" button to generate the exercise, click the answer field where you want to place a car, double-click the car to place it there. When all cars are done, push the "RĂ©ponse" (= Answer) button to check if you did well. The number of correct/false answers and the percentage of success are updated with each answer given.

Free Pascal features: Combining images and shapes to create simple drawings; using the controls"Visible" property to interactively adapt drawings to a given situation.


Right of way at a road crossing exercise