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English grammar: Prepositions.

Download Prepositions1 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Prepositions1 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: English grammar trainer (exercise generator) concerning prepositions. Out of over 350 included sentences, the application chooses random ones and displays them, replacing the prepositions, that the student has to find, by placeholders. To do the interactive exercises, just edit the sentence and replace the underscores by the adequate preposition. Please, note that in some cases several prepositions could be used; to increase the chances that you enter the one that the application awaits, choose the "most obvious one". There are three evaluation methods available. 1,0: 1 mark for each correct answer (answering half of the questions correctly gives a success of 50%); 1,-1: addition of 1 mark for each correct answer and subtraction of 1 mark for each false answer (you need to answer 3/4 of the questions correctly to get a success of 50%); 1,-1,0: same as before, but considering that you have the right not to know everything and thus no mark subtraction for not answered questions. Beside the interactive exercises, you can create exercise files. These are always created as pairs, one containing the questions (sentences with placeholders for the prepositions to find), the other containing the answers (sentences with the prepositions filled in).

Free Pascal features: Usage of TMemo objects. Writing data into an (invisible) TMemo object as temporary storage before being written to a file. Usage of the Save dialog to let the user enter the name and directory for a file to be saved.


English grammar exercise generator: Prepositions