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Game: Drop the orbs (Orbs20).

Description: The aim of this real time game is to drop numbered orbs in 4 columns in a way to get column totals of 20, without busting (total greater than 20) or overfilling the column (more than 5 orbs). If this happens 3 times for a given column, this one will no longer be available. If no more column is left, the game is over.
The settings menu allows to select the game speed, i.e. the time it takes before the orb is automatically dropped; values are 1, 2, or 4 seconds. This menu also allows to view the highscore table and to delete users from this table. Note, that highscores are updated whith the end of the game; if you exit the application before the game is over, you are asked if you want or not save your score.

Free Pascal features: String grids. Timers. Shapes: changing position and color during run-time. Mouse click (on labels) and mouse down events (on shapes). Simple real time games programming.


'Drop the orbs' game