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Network tools (NetTools).

Description: "NetTools" is NOT a networking application by itself, but a graphical user interface to run the most common MS Windows build-in network command line programs, to view their output in a command-prompt-like window and to save their output to a text file. At start-up, the application determines the computer's network settings: hostname, MAC addresses, ethernet and WiFi internal IP, external IP address. Then, the user can run one of the available tools by simply checking a radio button and pushing "Run". Missing tools (as for example Whois, not part of the MS Windows build-in programs) may be configured in a separate window. Tools actually included: ipconfig, ping, tracert, route, arp, netstat, NSlookup and Whois (whois64.exe is NOT included in the application .zip file and has to be downloaded from the Microsoft Sysinternals webpage; cf. "NetTools" help).

Improvements: Determination of the physical device corresponding to the MAC addresses; real-time update of the computer's network settings (connected or not, IP); perhaps addition of further tools.

Free Pascal features: Usage of the "process" unit to run command line programs from within a Lazarus GUI application and to catch these programs' output. Usage of timers. Usage of the "Open" and "Save" dialogs to select resp. save a file.


Network tools: GUI window (tool selection)
Network tools: Console window (tool output: Whois)