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Listing of MP3 files in MS Windows 'Music' library.

Download MusicList desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download MusicList source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Simple application to create a list of the MP3 files located in the MS Windows "Music" library. You can choose to list all files or only albums (cf. application help text about this latter feature rather specific for my own "Music" library), you can group the files by music genre or by artist name, sort them by artist, album name, album year or track title. There are 3 output formats available: TXT (formatted text file), CSV (may be useful to pass the list data into another application) and HTML (tabled output, that you may view in your web browser).

Possible extensions: Adding further grouping and sorting options. Adding further output formats (PDF, for example). Limiting the list to a given music genre...

Note for programmers: The application uses a modified version of the ID3v2 unit (Internet download) to read the MP3 tags. Access to the Windows "Music" library is done by using functions of the WinLibs unit (written by myself). The sources download archive includes both units (as well as the original ID3v2 sources).

Free Pascal features: Accessing Windows libraries using the WinLibs unit. Reading MP3 tags using the ID3v2 unit. Reading directory content. Sorting according to various selected criteria. Creating formatted text, CSV and HTML files.


Listing of MP3 files in MS Windows 'Music' library - Application window
Listing of MP3 files in MS Windows 'Music' library - HTML list created