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Tetanized muscle contraction.

Download MuscleContraction desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download MuscleContraction source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Simple physiology application, that may be used to analyze tetanized muscle contraction. The program draws the curve of the shortening velocity and/or the muscle output power as a function of the muscle load, based on either Hill's equation of muscle performance, or simple cross-bridge kinetics models. With Hill's equation, the user may choose to enter the full parameter list, or to use the one-parameter normalized form. With cross-bridge kinetics, a choice between a two-state and a three-state model is possible. Concerning the drawing, velocity and power may be displayed on the same graph or displayed separately. In this latter case, several curves (for different K values) may be displayed on the same graph (possibility to compare the shape of the curves). Application help and a short introduction to the physiology of muscle contraction (in particular, all formulas used to do the calculations) included.

Free Pascal features: Usage of bitmap canvas to draw mathematical functions. Correct drawing of several functions on a same graph. Showing, hiding, moving controls, as needed. Subscripts and superscripts.


Muscle contraction: Velocity and power curves, using Hill's equation
Muscle contraction: Power curves for different K values, using a simple cross-bridge kinetics model