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Multivibrator simulation (Multivibrator).


Description: Electronics related application, studying multivibrators realized with bipolar npn-transistors. The program is a simple interactive simulation of bistable, monostable and astable multivibrators, where the user may choose the resistance and capacity value(s) of the RC-component(s), being responsible for the duration of the unstable state(s), then by opening/closing a switch, letting the current flow and, if necessary, actioning a pushbutton, may observe the multivibrator switching from one state to the other i.e. observing the corresponding LED going on during a period given by T = ln(2) * τ = ln(2) * RC.

In order to get a proper display of the LED turning on and off, the user has the possibility to slow down (or if it takes to long, to speed up) the simulation by choosing a simulation time slower ("langsamer") than, resp. faster ("schneller") than realtime.

Free Pascal features: Using images and shapes to construct simple drawings. Interactively changing color style and position of shapes.


Electronics simulation: Monostable multivibrator