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Molecular weight calculator (MolWeight).

Description: Calculation of molecular weight of standard molecules (entered as chamical formula), as well as of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides and proteins (entered as IUP/IUPAC codes or read from file; both raw data and FASTA format are supported).
Enter your molecule data in the appropriate input field. For oligonucleotides, choose if the molecule is DNA or RNA, single- or double-stranded; for proteins, choose if 1-letter or 3-letters code is used. Push the "Calculate" button to do the calculation. With this done, you can display the chemical composition of the molecule (atoms, bases resp. amino acids counts and percentages) by using the corr. item in the "Extras" menu.
Detailed program help, including explanations how the molecular weight of the oligonucleotides is actually calculated, is included.

Free Pascal features: Reading data from text file into a Memo; working with Memo data; using StringGrids to display data as tables.


Calculation of protein molecular weight
Display of protein chemical composition