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Mirrors - a logic game (Mirrors).

Description: Freely invented logic game, based on an idea I realized in Visual Basic in 2003. Its aim is to find the position and type of a given number (depending on the game level) of mirrors, placed on a 10x10 fields board by shooting light rays from the board sides. These rays travelling straight on, if there is no obstacle and being refracted to the left resp. the right, depending on the type of mirror they encounter, the place, where the ray leaves the board gives an indication where the mirrors might be placed and which type they are. If you don't exactly see how this works, have a look at the included help text or try checking "Show ray trajectory" in the "Settings" menu: the way, that the ray takes inside the board and the mirror(s) that refract it, will be shown when you push a shoot button.

Free Pascal features: Usage of shapes: Changing their color; displaying or hiding them as needed; changing their position inside the window .


Mirrors logic game