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Visual memory trainer.

Download MemoryTest desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download MemoryTest source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: The application displays a given number of objects (numbers, shapes, colors...) in a random sequence and the users must try to remember what they saw, i.e. try to reconstitute the sorted list of objects. No idea, if this kind of program really improves visual memory (even though I could imagine that it does). Anyway, it shows you how many objects your memory is capable to remember and it may be a challenge to do better and better with the time.
The application includes 2 different kinds of memory test: With the first one, the objects are displayed one by one during the time chosen by the user; with the second one all objects are displayed together. Refer to the help text in the Help menu for further details.

Free Pascal features: Multiple forms applications; exchanging data between forms; manipulating controls on a secondary from within the main unit. Working with images.


Memory Test PC application: 'one by one' objects display
Memory Test PC application: 'all together' objects display