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Memory game (Memory).

Description: The aim of this kind of memory games is to find all pairs (resp. all triplets) of a given picture. A such pair (triplet) is considered to be found, if you subsequently clicked 2 (3) identical pictures. To play the game, click any picture to show it with its face up. Clicking the next picture shows it. If the images form a pair (resp. after a third picture click, form a triplet), they will stay face up, otherwise they will be hidden again when you click the next picture. Remembering which picture is at which place in the grid, you will be able to click the pair's (triplet's) pictures subsequently, i.e. to find the picture pairs (resp. triplets). The game is over when all picture pairs (triplets) have been found (all pictures are with their face up).

Note: Clicks are done by pairs (resp. triplets), i.e. that if, for example, in "find picture pairs" game mode, you click a given picture P1 and then 2 identical pictures P2a and P2b, this is not having found the pair, but associated P1 with P2a and then started a new click pair with picture P2b; thus to mark the pair, you'll have to click P2a to mark it being a pair with P2b, clicked just before.

The new version 3.1 includes only 1 picture set; 16 others may be downloaded as individual ZIP archives from the Memory download page.

Change log:
Version 1.0 (May 2016):
    - 6x6 squares grid with orchid pictures
Version 2.0 (February 2018):
    - choice of 4x6, 5x6 or 6x6 squares.
    - 6 different picture sets: orchids, flowers, beaches, sunrise, space and angels.
Version 3.0 (July 2020):
    - modified GUI with Settings menu and picture set selection by browsing the filesystem.
    - option to choose between finding picture pairs or triplets.
    - 4 new picture sets: waterfalls, winter, birds, fishes.
Version 3.1 (January 2021):
    - separation of application and picture sets (from now on downloadable ZIP archives).
    - 4 new picture sets: mountains, lakes, fall, castles.
Data update 3.1.1 (April 2021):
    - 3 new picture sets: rainbows, roses, volcanos.

Free Pascal features: Display of images loaded from file; randomly selected images. Usage of the TSelectDirectory object. Opening the default web browser at a given URL.


Memory game with volcano pictures