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Participle of luxembourgish verbs (Luxverbes2).


Description: This application generates exercises concerning the participle and compound tenses conjugation of luxembourgish verbs. The verbs for the exercise questions are taken from a list of 400 words, including irregular verbs, verbs with "métaphonèse" and verbs with special conjugation due to the luxembourgish spelling rules. Some of the verbs are pronominals, other have a removable or unremovable prefix. Note, that evaluation is done as is usual at school in Luxembourg, i.e. by giving marks with a maximum of 60 (maximum may be changed to 100 = percentage in the "Astellunen" menu).
The program may also be used to display the "Perfekt (passé composé)" and the "Plusquamperfekt" of luxembourgish verbs. If this is all ok for the 400 verbs known by the application (those in the list), there is no guarantee that the conjugation displayed for other verbs is actually correct. Please, have a look at the program's help text for details.

Improvements: Giving more choices what kind of exercises to do, include pronominal voice, perhaps include "Imperativ". Improve conjugation of verbs by enlargening the list of known verbs, improve prefix and verbbase detection, consider prefix-combinations. Use color to highlight irregularities and special conjugation.

Free Pascal features: Using an InputBox control to get data from user. Reading a text file (classic Pascal). Filling string grids.


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