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Luxembourgish locals quiz.

Lëtzebuerger Uertschafte Quiz (lëtzebuergesch Versioun vun dëser Säit)
Download Luxembourg2 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download Luxembourg2 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: This quiz, similar to the one of the Luxembourg1 application, concerns the locals in my country; the GUI (as well as all names) are in Luxembourgish. 5 types of quiz (sets of questions) are available in the Quiz menu: guessing the Luxembourgish name of a local (the German and French ones given), the German and French local names, the township, the canton, the part of the country (ward) for a given local. In difference with Luxembourg1, all answers (except for the ward) have to be manually entered by the user (no list selection).

Free Pascal features: Showing/hiding/using input fields (edit fields and comboboxes) for user data entry , depending on actual situation (user selection). String grids. Reading a Pascal record file; arrays of records (classic Pascal).


Luxembourgish locals quiz: Guess the German/French name of a town or village
Luxembourgish locals quiz: Guess the township of a given town or village