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Basic arithmetic with numbers in luxembourgish (LuxZuelen).


Description: This application generates basic arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) exercises with numbers between 1 and 100. The particularity of the program is, that it doesn't use the numbers in digital format, but their names in luxembourgish. The GUI is in luxembourgish, too. Choose the number of questions, choose the operators you want and push "Fro" (question) for a new exercise question, resp. "Ă„ntwert" (answer) to check your answer and update the evaluation. Evaluation is done as is usual at school in Luxembourg, i.e. with marks with a maximum of 60. Please, note that you have to choose "Neien Exercice" (new exercise) in the "Exercice" menu to make any settings, you choose, active.

Free Pascal features: Basic controls: menus, edit fields and memos, check boxes, push buttons.


Luxembourgish numbers arithmetic