Computing: Free Pascal Programming

Electronics: MOSFET based NAND and NOR gates simulation.

Download LogicGates9 desktop application (Windows 64bit) Download LogicGates9 source code (Lazarus/Free Pascal)

Description: Electronics related application, studying logic gates. The program is a simple interactive simulation of NAND and NOR circuits, that have been implemented using MOSFETs. The user may choose one of 4 available circuits by checking the corresponding radio button in the main window. The simulation is done by choosing the gates' input by opening/closing a switch, letting the current flow. The result of doing so may be observed at the gate's output, where a LED goes either on or off. To action the switches, just click on them; the corresponding LED going on indicates that the gate input is high. The LED at the output side of the circuit goes on or off as indicated by the logic operator's truth table.

Free Pascal features: Interactively changing color-style and position of shapes, caption and color of labels. Usage of a transparent image as click-area. Opening and closing forms as needed.


Electronics simulation: MOSFET (CMOS) NAND gate