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Electronics: Combinational circuits simulation (LogicGates6).

Description: Electronics related application, showing how logic gates can be used to design common electronic circuits. The program is a simple interactive simulation of some common combinational circuits: 4-to-2 encoder, 8-to-3 encoder, 4-to-2 priority encoder, 2-to-4 decoder, 4x1 multiplexer, 1x4 demultiplexer. The user chooses the circuit's input by opening/closing a switch, letting the current flow and observe the output as LEDs going on or off. Short explanation of the circuits' functionality and truth tables included.

Free Pascal features: Combining images and shapes to create layouts. Interactively changing color, brush style and position of shapes. Using transparent images as "click-on areas". Boolean operations (classic Pascal).


Electronics simulation: 4-to-2 priority encoder
Electronics simulation: 4x1 multiplexer