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Electronics: Binary subtractors simulation (LogicGates4).

Description: Electronics related application, showing how logic gates can be used to design binary subtractors. The program is a simple interactive simulation of a 1-bit-half-subtractor, a 1-bit-full-subtractor, a 4-bit-full-subtractor and a 4-bit-adder-subtractor (the 2 last circuits being modifications of the 4-bit-full-adder, simulated in my LogicGames3 application), where the user can choose the circuit's input by opening/closing a switch, letting the current flow and observe the output as LEDs going on or off. To action the switches, just click on them. LEDs with solid color indicate high voltage, LEDs with a pattern color, low voltage.
A rather long document, intended for those, who aren't really familiar with binary numbers and binary arithmeic or with logic gates based electronic circuits, is available in the "Help" menu.

Free Pascal features: Combining images and shapes to create layouts. Interactively changing brush style and position of shapes. Using transparent images as "click-on areas". Using digits sub-scripts. Boolean operations (classic Pascal).


Electronics circuits: Binary adder-subtractor simulation